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    Boots on the Ground

Keith Dozier is a singer/songwriter from Knoxville, TN.  He began traveling back and forth to Nashville in 2004, working on his craft and building relationships. He soon realized Nashville was where he was meant to be and in 2008, with the support of his wife and kids, moved the family to Music City.  In 2013 he teamed up with two of his friends and cowriters, Matt Casey and Allen Shervelle, to form North East Of Nashville (NEON) Publishing.   That same year his song “Plain White Tee” (cowritten with Matt Casey and David Wagner) won the NSAI/CMT Song Contest.  Keith has went on to have numerous cuts by independent artists.  Keith recently received his first major cut when Montgomery Gentry recorded his song “All Hell Broke Loose” (cowritten with Adam Fears). It is on the final album recorded my the award-winning duo.

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