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Allen Shervelle

  • Bible Belt

Allen Shervelle, AKA “Nashville’s Superman,” is a Jersey boy who got his start in rock music as a drummer in high school. He began writing songs in college, where he got his degree in English, and played in bands until he moved to North Carolina in 2007.This is where he hooked up with NSAI and met pro songwriter/mentor Marc Alan Barnette. On one of his earliest trips to Nashville, Allen met fellow songwriter Keith Dozier at a song circle, and they have been friends ever since. Allen used his rock influence and infused it with the country music scene in Nashville where he built relationships and songs with writer’s and venues, which eventually led him to make the move to the country music capital in 2010.

When Allen loves something, he’s ALL IN,(he has over 300 Superman shirts to prove it) and music is no exception. As one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet, Allen has spent the past several years making his mark in Nashville by writing and playing with hit songwriter’s including Jimbeau Hinson, Bernie Nelson, Brian White, Jan Buckingham, Gary Hannan, Eliot Sloan, Phil Barton, Paul Jefferson, and Danny Wells.

Allen has also been part of a musical duo called “JUSTICE” with artist Jon Webber, and also has two solo CDs titled “You’re My Superhero” and “Bible Belt.” Allen has performed all over Nashville, including Douglas Corner and The Bluebird Café.

Currently Allen plays gigs with his wife Kelly, as a part of the group “The Scissor Wheels.” In the summer of 2017 Allen had a song called “I Ain’t Bitin” released by Kelsey Lamb that was featured in a SCI-FY movie starring Tara Reid.

Allen has done everything from hosting his own writer’s nights, to being a part of a publishing company called NEON Publishing, with Matt Casey and Keith Dozier. The company’s current major cut, “All Hell Broke Loose” will be on Montgomery Gentry’s new album called ‘Here’s To You.”

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